“Jennifer K. Stuller is one of the most knowledgeable, thoughtful and engaging pop-culture writers I know. She was easy to work with, submitted copy on time and in condition where very few edits were necessary before publication. She also went above and beyond to create coverage and reviews outside of what was assigned to her and she constantly kept an eye out for promising talent who could also join our team. If you have Jen on your staff, you’re a lucky editor indeed, she’s fantastic!”
– Kate Kotler, Freelance Writer, Editor and Social Media Expert

“We interviewed Jennifer for our film as an expert on heroic women in popular culture. She turned out to be a treasure of knowledge on the subject, a delight to work with, and incredible on camera. She is one of our main experts in our film: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines and we could not have made the film without her!”
– Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Director; Professor at Diablo Valley College

“Jennifer Stuller has presented at a number of Comics Arts Conferences (of which I am a co-organizer), and her presentations are always insightful and entertaining. Based on those presentations Matthew Smith and I recruited Jen to join the all-star line-up of contributors for Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods. She did a wonderful job and we subsequently asked her to write for our forthcoming Icons of the American Comic Book. Jen Stuller is a tenacious researcher and an engaging writer. She is high on my list of people I want to work with again.”
– Randy Duncan, Comics Scholar and Professor of Communication

“Jennifer has a way with words and excellent writing skills. When she talks about GeekGirlCon’s mission and the awesome programming she has setup it is done in an elegant and exhilarating way that makes you want to get involved. Jen is also a great public speaker and engages the audience with important questions. Jen has helped build key relationships for GeekGirlCon as well.”
– Kelly Clark, Project Coordinator & Events Manager

“Jen is an incredibly thoughtful and professional employee. She works diligently in her role to secure guests to our convention. Jen takes great care to make sure that sometimes conflicting needs are met and everyone feels like they’ve been heard. She’s also done a wonderful job at being one of the public faces of GeekGirlCon with media, even when it’s not technically part of her role.”
– Erica McGillivray, Social Community Manager at Moz

“A master networker and collaborator, Jennifer is able to connect people and projects in ways that build on smaller individual goals to create outcomes that exceed everyone’s expectations. She balances her creative, extroverted side with a highly organized and analytical mind. She is thoroughly dependable and utterly charming, a clear communicator who works well both independently and in partnership with others.”
– Amy Peloff, Assistant Director of Comparative History of Ideas Program, University of Washington

“Jennifer Stuller was an exemplary student. She posses strong verbal and written communication skills and is a sensitive and dynamic collaborator. Even more importantly she is a creative problem solver that is not afraid to think big. I fully expect her to excel in all that she undertakes.”
– Phillip Thurtle, Assistant Professor at University of Washington


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