The Stranger – A Nerd of Her Own: GeekGirlCon is a Place for Geeky Women (and the Men Who Love Them)

“The GGC lineup is impressive—panels on Star Trek, science, zine-making, writing genre fiction, and sexism in the video game industry run side by side with Joss Whedon–themed burlesque shows, presentations by professional stuntwomen, Yoda-puppet-making workshops, and structured conversations about parenting, sex, and business ownership. The convention boasts more than 200 panelists. (The goal was to be comprehensive while still being discerning: Stuller says even though ‘I definitely want to make sure that everyone has a voice at our convention,’ one of the most important things she learned while putting the show together was ‘one of the most valuable things a woman can learn—how to say ‘No.’)’” By Paul Constant

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