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Jennifer K. Stuller is a Writer, Editor, and Pop Culture Critic & Historian — available for contract writing, speaking engagements, college lectures, media interviews, conferences, or other education efforts for your school, business, or professional organizations.

She is an author and contributor to multiple texts, both academic and popular, and has been published in BBC News, Bitch Magazine, and Geek Monthly. In addition to being Co-Founder, Director Emeritus of Programming & Events, and Board President of GeekGirlCon, Ms. Stuller has served as Associate Editor and Publications Manager for the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), and brings her messages of media literacy and positive fandom to a variety of audiences in the Pacific Northwest through the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau, where she facilitates conversations about the female hero journey in the modern mythology of popular culture, and shares stories of how geektivists, geek grrls, and gaymers are using their powers for good by making interventions in geek culture.

Stuller specializes in the analysis & critique of popular culture, current events in geek culture, as well as the history of American female super & action heroes in comics, film, and television. Her experience extends to writing Opinion, Real Estate, Urban Architecture, Profiles & Interviews, Lifestyles, and Women’s & Feminist History.

Please contact her directly for rates and inquiries.