Jennifer K. Stuller is a Writer, Editor, and Pop Culture Critic & Historian—available for contract writing, speaking engagements, college lectures, media interviews, conferences, or other education efforts for your school, business, or professional organizations.

kristy guevara-flanagan | director:

“We interviewed Jennifer for our film as an expert on heroic women in popular culture. She turned out to be a treasure of knowledge on the subject, a delight to work with, and incredible on camera. She is one of our main experts in our film: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines and we could not have made the film without her!”
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brooks peck | curator at the museum of pop culture:

“Jennifer has a powerful enthusiasm for pop culture. She combines that enthusiasm with good scholarship to teach pop culture fans how to channel their passions into creativity and positive social change.”
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amy peloff, phd | university of washington:

“A master networker and collaborator, Jennifer is able to connect people and projects in ways that build on smaller individual goals to create outcomes that exceed everyone’s expectations. She balances her creative, extroverted side with a highly organized and analytical mind. She is thoroughly dependable and utterly charming, a clear communicator who works well both independently and in partnership with others.”
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zaki barak hamid | humanities washington program director:

“Jennifer brought incredible passion and insight
to communities all across Washington state during
her tenure as a member of Humanities Washington’s
Speakers Bureau. Her ability to connect with diverse
audiences from all corners of the state is truly impressive.”
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nicole bogarosh | communication studies faculty/director, women and gender studies at whitworth university:

“Jennifer brought tremendous generosity, a positive attitude, bountiful enthusiasm, a broad depth of knowledge, engaging humor, and contagious passion to her presentation and engagement with our campus community. Students had nothing but positive comments after her lecture and were grateful for the opportunity to engage in conversation with her, and we would welcome her back to campus anytime!”
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dustin kaspar | educational programs manager and programmer at seattle international film festival:

“Working with Jen Stuller was a distinct pleasure. Deadlines were respected, creativity was encouraged, and there was a genuine community within her team. Best of all, she commands the respect of her colleagues through her own work ethic and her infectiously passionate knowledge for feminist popular culture.”
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