GeekED – Civility vs. Anger

It seems that the odds of successfully surviving a discussion around politics these days are 3,720 to 1. The level of aggression in your average DC vs. Marvel argument at Comic-Con International parallels conversations around hot topics on college campuses. Are polarized positions part of the fun, or do they create barriers to more rich and nuanced conversations? Are activities like rigging a Rotten Tomatoes review just harmless fun, or attacks on free speech and creativity? Jennifer K. Stuller (writer, pop culture critic, GeekGirlCon), Keith Chow (Nerds of Color), Dr. La’Tonya Rease-Miles (UCLA), Tony B. Kim (The Hero Within), and David Surratt (UC Berkeley) join others to help everyone understand how to make civility a prime directive. Moderated by Brian MacDonald (UCLA).